Hemstitched edge

Example of crocheted edge

Monday, May 27, 2019

How do I Put Together a Blanket?

Each blanket I make is one of a kind. As I look at the choices of flannel available to me, initially I look for fabrics that appeal to me, but since I don't know exactly what patterns my customers would choose, I try to have a variety of styles. The fun part, and sometimes the difficult part, is finding just the right complementary fabric for the back of the blanket. Sometimes, the line of fabric has some choices made to match, but most often it requires hunting. I tend to be picky, wanting just the right shade, and just the right amount and kind of pattern. Occasionally, it will take me many trips to the fabric store to find the right match.

At home I iron the fabric and put the two layers together, as I outline on the Hemstitching page of my website, www.hemstitchingforyou.com. If one of the fabrics has a plaid, or otherwise obvious line to it I do my best to make that straight. Sometimes that requires enlisting my husband to help me pull the fabric to help make it straight. I always round the corners as this makes it easier to crochet, giving you a continuous line for whatever crochet pattern you choose.  I often make burps cloths to go with the blanket, and sometimes I have enough fabric to make a bib as well.  After hemstitching the edges, I take a picture and put the blanket on my website. I hope you will find one that suits you just right!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Use ready made receiving blankets

I bought a package of 4 receiving blankets from Carters and made 2 30" X 40" blankets.  This is a nice size for new babies.  This worked well and adds more optiions for you to consider.